3XOR℠ (EXOR) The Web3 Executors

We Transform Business Ecosystems With Web3.0 Technologies

3XOR is a Web3 technology delivery platform form by STRATAGEM Ventures that propels innovation and accelerates Web3 transformation by ensuring that the right capabilities are at the heart of everything you do. Now you don’t have to focus on “going digital.” You are digital.

With our devoted practice and expertise in blockchain generation, decentralized applications, AR, immersive experiences, NFT creation and marketplace and data, combined with massive innovative marketing power, we are able to assist companies and brands redefine the way they have interaction with customers.

Our Innovation Process

Research & Planning

Why is it important?

To create a peace of mind for our clients.

We are able to deliver in time and within budget with the help of this process and establish a measurable ROI for the businesses. To understand your stakeholders’ problems and motivation so we can make true strategic impact.

What is included?
  • Understading stakeholder pain points through workshops in your company.
  • Analyzing the market landscape, the value propositions, business models and pricing strategies of the competitors.
  • If a technical audit is required, we will examine and/or prepare your business plan with estimates, budget, and deadlines that you will be able to build upon.
  • Researching industry trends, ideal customer profile, and seeking early customer validation.
  • Discovering how your business can fit into the market, positioning it and offering various technology solutions that best serve your business goals.
  • Preparing a product roadmap and development plan with budget estimates accompanied by technical specifications.
  • We can tell you more, but first, we are eager to listen to you!

MVP Delivery

Why is it important?

To serve the goals of stakeholders, manage the scope and keep the delivery according to the plan.

We give you the leadership and team for a digital project and deliver in time and within budget. Besides achieving the identified business goals – that are the result of the research & planning phase, we also prepare for scalability from both product and technological point of views.

We are experts in reshaping product development processes, establishing delivery cadence and focusing product features. We will assist you with Go-to-Market Strategy, to launch or re-launch your product.

What is included?
  • Adjusting or creating brand identity
  • Creating and iterating on the product roadmap
  • Managing product development
  • Creating prototypes, testing with customers and iterating to reach MVP status
  • Planning and assisting your Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Start testing the MVP with early customers

Interim Product & Tech Lead

Why is it important?

To establish reliable and scalable processes. 

We share our decades of experience in digital product strategy and management consulting to increase your revenue and optimize costs.

Our goal is to help you to be efficient on the long run, even without us.

This package focuses on the business-as-usual side of a company. With the help of our managers, the company can undergo a cultural transformation and can redefine processes that increase efficiency in your business operations.

No matter what the product is, whether it is physical or not, for a company to operate in an environment surrounded by software and digital presence, it has to leverage an agile knowledge and mindset.

What is included?
  • Providing interim product and technical lead with digital product and technical management background.
  • Discovering and mapping out the processes to find pain points and solutions for them.
  • Analyzing team dynamics and company culture.
  • Re-establishing the processes inside the business units and executing change management.
  • Integrating necessary software to further automate workflows and save precious time for your employees.


This package is more unique than the others. We provide digital business scaling for mature companies. If the company is already in scale-up phase we help them redefining their growth strategy, eliminate all bottlenecks and increase efficiency. The length, content, and topics of these programs are fully customized.

We are happy to have a conversation and hear about your business.

Web3 Services


Leverage the benefits of blockchain technology such as immutability, decentralization and transparency with our reliable and future-ready blockchain solutions and services. Our offerings include dApps, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, DEXs, smart contracts, metaverse virtual worlds and more.


Drive transformation to your business with our advanced Web3 development services and solutions built using technologies like blockchain, NFT & Smart Contract dev., AI, virtual reality, Metaverse and Marketplaces. As a trusted Web3 development company, we unlock the full potential of the decentralized web, allowing enterprises to help them achieve high transparency, efficiency and automation.

Artificial Intelligence

We use machine learning to leverage the potential of AI, and build AI business applications that include automation, data analytics, voice assistant system and various other AI-based apps. We enable businesses to offer a great customer experience and become smarter by implementing AI into their products and business operations.

Software Development

Our full-stack developers are skilled in front-end and back-end development with expertise in various programming languages like Solidity, Rust, Go, Python, NodeJS and ReactJS.

Software Consulting

We provide you with software development consultation on idea discovery, technology insights and risk analysis while creating a growth strategy from user acquisition to monetization.


Our designers create high-fidelity prototypes and wireframes along with customer-driven mobile and web user interface design and technical architecture design.

Redefining Industries with Web3.0 Technologies


With a vast amount of information, gaming companies are leveraging AI to optimize performance, maintain better relationships with customers, increase viewership, identify top supporters and own the market.


Leverage our custom healthcare software development services to improve patient outcomes, provide remote care and automate medical workflows.


We help companies transform their financial services with emerging tech for improved operational efficiency, greater transparency, faster response times and better customer experience.


We help educational institutes transform learning practices to address tomorrow’s challenges of interacting, educating, learning and monitoring.


Enabling logistics and supply chain companies to leverage emerging technologies for better real-time fleet management, streamlined communication and improved customer service.


We design and develop custom software for manufacturing companies to help them leverage responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, efficient production planning and remote asset management.

Retail & eCom

Developing end-to-end retail software solutions that provide increased operational efficiency, empowered consumer experience and product demand forecasting.


Helping companies implement digital transformation and create remarkable customer experiences.

Real Estate

3XOR's team provides the right mix of blockchain solutions that drive rep productivity, ensure accuracy in listings and records, and deliver real-time data and analytics.


Whether it's ride-sharing, manufacturing, vehicle tracking, or the emerging electric car industry, blockchain can power your business.


Blockchain makes Internet of Things secure, transparent, and tamper-proof. Access real-time data about customers, assets, and locations, supported by accelerated digital transactions and complete process traceability.


Leverage the power of blockchain technology in your legal operations. Automate the execution of legal agreements. Provide a protected and maintainable database for documents.

Disrupt your industry. Power your startup. Rationalize and control your business.

3XOR℠ delivers the Web3 services and custom blockchain development that power real business transformations. Create new business tools based on revolutionary decentralized networks that change your industry forever. Build your dream on our Web3 and blockchain services and consultancy or create your own network and run your business totally distributed and secure.

If you are willing to Transform drop us a line.