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Strategy & Consulting

We define your growth strategy and create an actionable roadmap for success. All aligned with a clear One Metric That Matters.

Digital Growth Marketing

We turn your strategy into action in a data-driven fashion. By managing multiple channels, fast and efficiently. We think MVP, so you don’t wait for months to go live!

Digital Transformation

You need new business models and new models need new approaches to the technology ecosystem. It must be secure, deliver on continuity, and most importantly. Bringing you the benefits of an adaptive, resilient and affordable technology ecosystem.


In all industries and geographies, we focus on our clients’ critical issues, opportunities and sustainability. Our knowledge is broad and practical, but our holistic view is known to us.


We combine various data sources to give you a complete view of your business and turn it into valuable insights.

Corporate Advisory

We are aware and up to date on the exchanging trends of the corporate world. Keeping this knowledge in mind, we provide a variety of specialized services for your organization such as corporate security, M&A, evaluate technical, operational, market and financial risks with customized strategizing to keep you ahead of the game.

Why Us

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Action Oriented Approach

Our recommendations are crystal clear and actionable so that they can be implemented immediately. Best part: you don’t have to do that on your own! If required, we will do the work for you!

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategy & Execution

You have strategic advice. Nice! So now, what? Putting this into action is the hardest part of it. Not only do we tell you what the best strategy is, but together with your team, we turn it into action.

From Art to Science

Expert Sidekicks

Your team can’t do all the work? No staff, no problem! Our growth hacking heroes will share some superpowers with you team!

About Us

Who we are

We are the decisive factor behind your success

STRATAGEM is diversified to make brands and companies grow, by shifting their area of play. We focus on the most important growth pillars for transformation through strategy, consulting, development, management, and research. In which the growth hacking and digital marketing paves the way for sustainable growth. We create and build experiences in the digital and real-world together with our Confrère. With the most prominent outcome of growth. By combining our unique process, services, and community, we create magic. We work together and with our clients. We work together.

We know what we do and how we need to do it”

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