It’s all about passion: passion for marketing, for innovation, for growth and idealization, for experiment and insights, passion for next and new. This passion is the primary base of STRATAGEM Ventures. We are diverse, digital and up for a challenge. Together, we reflect a decade's expertise in strategic marketing and management. Digital marketing, growth hacking, venture development, management, strategy and consulting: we’ve got it.

We know what we do and how we need to do it.


We are committed to success with our drive and energy in conjunction with our marketing and global experience. Let us work and conquer the world together. Create a Vision. Strategize. Inspire. Execute!

Action Oriented Approach

Our recommendations are crystal clear and actionable so that they can be implemented immediately. Best part: you don’t have to do that on your own! If required, we will do the work for you!

Strategy & Execution

You have strategic advice. Nice! So now, what? Putting this into action is the hardest part of it. Not only do we tell you what the best strategy is, but together with your team, we turn it into action.

Expert Sidekicks

Your team can’t do all the work? No staff, no problem! Our growth hacking heroes will share some superpowers with you team!

High Experimentation Tempo

More experiments a month means more value. That’s why we’re calling on your team to increase the speed of the experiment. No longer waiting for months to get the stuff done!





B2B Companies in 2020

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