«Strategic Management

Strategic management is a field of management that focuses on long-term organizational planning and direction. Strategic management in an organisation, not by randomness but in accordance with planned long-term plans, ensures.

Services include:

1. Financial strategy
2. HR strategy (Human Resource Strategy)
3. Information Strategy
4. Marketing Strategy

Innovation Management»

Randomly, innovation occurs. It is unpredictable. If your company has a duty to increase its stockholders, this is a issue. The odds of a modest 5 percent growth rate per year in 10 years are less than 1 percent. That’s why? The product management method in your business needs to be strengthened. To help you overcome this challenge, our consulting team on innovation management was created.

«Risk Management

The approach and unprecedented partnerships of STRATAGEM help enterprises in all industries to optimize resources and design risk management and compliance programs in alignment, efficiency and technology, thereby addressing risk in all facets of operation.

We support organizations like you in our risk management and compliance consultant:

1. Align and integrate key risk and performance indicators to business objectives so that risk can be managed in an agile manner
2. Foster cultures that factor in risk during all phases of product development
3. Develop proactive risk management and compliance solutions built on technology and data analytics
4. Determine how to best use resources to promote success and enable innovation

From beginning to end, STRATAGEM works with you and your team. So, you can face the future with faith regardless of what comes to your way.

Project Management»

You plan all about how to deliver the best project management services, but you must trust a company with proven experience when it comes to this. After all, being sure that a project is in good hands isn’t just nice, it ‘s important. Project managers provide expertise to view projects from conception to completion. To guarantee the quality of all projects, we offer services that establish us as an emerging consulting firm for project management. STRATAGEM project management services include: Concept, Project feasibility, Due diligence, Master planning, Development applications, Design development.

Industries we serve:

1. Real Estate & Construction
2. Technology sector
3. Industrial Automation
4. Education & Health
5. Cyber security