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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) focuses on optimizing the conversion rate of your website or platform. This is often done by testing multiple versions of the content to see which one is better at convincing your website visitors to do business with you.

Our approach

We break the CRO process down to a few key steps:

1. Set the most important goal (OMTM).

2. Analysing & formulating hypotheses.

3. Ideation & prioritisation.

4. Testing.

5. Analysing the results.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for the users of search engines (e.g., Google) to increase website traffic and reach your business goals.

Our own approach:

STRATAGEM has helped both big and small companies to strengthen their SEO. How do we do that? We follow a structured process. First, we analyse and create our so-called "Setup to succeed" to identify the SEO focus points for your website:

SEO setup to succeed:

1. Keyword research.

2. (Technical) SEO audit 3. Content strategy/planning.

4. (Back)link wishlist for authority.

Once done, we can set up an SEO backlog and include one element from every SEO pillar(technical, content, authority), each sprint. Usually, our clients start to see results after 4-6 months.

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Search Engine Advertizer

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is paid advertising on search engines such as Google, Bing and other alternative ones. If you want to find high intent users at a moment when they are the most likely to buy, SEA would be the best channel.

We notice that most of our clients are struggling with this. Knowing what your challenges are, it’s easy for us to set up the right plan to help you.

Our own approach:

We have achieved remarkable results for our clients by following our standard framework.

Our SEA set up to succeed:

1. Define business goals & SEA audit.

2. Keyword research.

3. Ongoing optimizations.

4. Audiences, Automation & Attribution.

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Display Advertising

Have you ever seen these ads that appear on different websites and social media platforms you visit? Well, this is Display advertising. Through the network of Google partners (various websites, apps, blogs etc.) you are able to display your banners to your target audience while they visit those partners' sites or apps.

You are not alone in this! We notice that many of our clients face those challenges, and we can help you fix the holes you may be noticing in your customer funnel. You can have a lot below to see our standard process for Display Advertising.

Our Approach

Like any other process, we break down the Display Advertising process into key steps:

1. Set the most important goal (OMTM) & Verifying.

2. Choosing the right tool and channel.

3. Ideation.

4. Set up the budget.

5. Create, set up and launch campaign.

6. Analysing the results.

Social Advertising

Social media advertising is a form of online advertising where you utilise social media networks to send advertised messages towards a specifically selected target audience.

With social media advertising, you can tailor your advertisements and messages to the users of the social media network users based on information gathered from the target audience. The ability to segment your audience even further creates even more opportunities for campaigns based on location, time of day, products or pages viewed, etc.

We notice that most of our clients are struggling with this. See our standard process below to understand how we can help you tackle your challenges.

Our Approach

1. Analyse the target audience & develop personas.

2. Creation of a Customer Desire Map & customer journey.

3. Set up the experimentation process.

4. Test campaigns & refine strategy.

5. Daily optimisation.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply creating content to attract the right type of people to your website, leading them through your marketing funnel and eventually converting them into customers. Some well-known examples of content marketing are blogs, videos, e-books, whitepapers, infographics and more.

Let's have a look at the main benefits you could get from it:

Strong brand awareness

1. Respect, trust & authority of your brand.

2. Improved SEO (better organic search visibility).

3. High-quality site traffic.

4. Your audience doesn’t trust ads anymore.

5. People are searching for and consuming content continuously.

Our Approach

1. Understanding your goals and target audience.

2. Content audit.

3. Content strategy and content promotion plan.

4. Defining the ROI of content marketing activities.

5. Content creation and SEO.

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Email Marketing

Forget about blasting promotional emails to a group of people once a week as it was with traditional email marketing. Nowadays, email marketing is about finding the right timing and automation, working on efficiency, and about hyper personalising the email content. Besides, it now works hand in hand with other channels and leverage data from every possible touchpoint to optimise campaigns.

Here are a few of the benefits you can get from it:

1. You can automate it fully and let it run and boost your revenue in the background.

2. Email marketing ROI can reach 40:1.

3. You have much data to leverage to craft highly personal messages.

4. It’s easy to measure and test.

5. Easy integration with CRM and/or e-commerce systems to get a holistic view of your audience.

Our Own Approach

See our standard process below to understand how we can help you.

1. Analyse & set up basic automation.

2. Creation and planning of email strategy.

3. Ideation, more automation & A/B testing.

4. Collecting data.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a combination of strategies and supporting software that helps companies automate their marketing efforts, and therefore optimise their time. It also allows you to nurture prospects in a personalised way; with content that your prospects are interested in when they are interested in it.

In practice: From email automation to browser notifications. The options are still expanding with Facebook messenger bots and Whatsapp for Business gaining popularity. The right marketing automation strategy and tooling depends on your goal, budget and business model.

Our Approach

Our approach depends on whether you would like to build your system from scratch or you already have a marketing system in place.

Here are the key steps in our process:

1. Establish One Metric that Matters (OMTM).

2. Audit your current marketing automation setup (if you have one in place).

3. Customer journey & map touchpoints.

4. Ideation and backlog filling.

5. Choosing the right tooling & automation set up.

  6. Analysis & report with a dashboard to monitor results and learnings.

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Growth Hacking New Website

As a growth hacking partner, we base our decisions on what the data says about your customers’ wants and needs. By doing this we can ensure that your new website is built for all the key stakeholders, especially your customers. How do we growth hack new websites?

We do this through:

1. Understand who your customers are, what their customer journey is (and what role your website/platform plays in this). This can be through various market research methods from surveys to interviews to a deep dive in your Analytics.

2. Turn this, together with insights from your current analytics, into a user experience map that the design team uses for input.

3. Through user testing to continuously validate the new website or platform and optimise further.

Ensuring your new website has a strong measurement system in place to learn and optimize further after go live.

4. Ensure your SEO is set up for success. Technical or content mistakes during the creation can cause a drop in traffic if you are not diligent.

5. Build on your overall growth system to establish your website an extra boost with go-live.

Set your New Website up for Growth

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