On February 23, 2021, The leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch, released its list of the top diversity & inclusion companies owned and operated by different backgrounds.

Clutch highlights the top 50 companies in the diversity & inclusion space that offer consulting and other business services. Whereas STRATAGEM Ventures ranked 47th out of 50 firms in this category

While a majority of companies believe that their workplace is diverse, it is still a major problem in today’s job market.

Clutch is recognizing these companies for their commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace in various job markets.

To be considered a Clutch leader, service providers are selected by their industry expertise and ability to deliver.

“Creating a diverse workforce is critical to a successful and positive working environment,” said Clutch Business Development Manager DJ Fajana. “Highlighting these industry leaders for their commitment to diversity and inclusion is just one of the ways they can be recognized on Clutch.”

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STRATAGEM Ventures Gets a Clutch Award for Top Service Providers Within the Diversity & Inclusion Space for 2021